Chino Kickboxing Instructors Can Make Fitness Fun

If you want to get fit in Chino, consider an alternative to a traditional gym. Consider taking up a sport like kickboxing. While Muay Thai focuses on eight points of contact and kickboxing only focuses on four, but incorporates boxing techniques into the training, balances both upper and lower body training. Kickboxing instructors often have a background in Muay Thai. Not only is kickboxing a great workout that will make you forget you’re exercising, it teaches you a self-defense skill that’s invaluable.

Some kickboxing trainers are also personal trainers.

It’s not surprising to find that people who teach kickboxing are also personal trainers. Kickboxing is a great way to get into shape, not only supplying total body training, but also all types of training. You’ll get endurance, strength, flexibility and balance training kickboxing. If you have a weakness in any area, it will be obvious as you start the training. That’s when the personal trainer goes into action and helps you improve that area, whether it’s an area of fitness or a group of muscles that need the extra workout.

Kickboxing can help you feel empowered.

When you feel like a victim, you act like one and that makes you a target for people with bad intentions. When you learn kickboxing, you feel stronger and more confident. It changes your attitude and your appearance. You’ll walk with confidence and that alone can make those with bad intentions leave you alone. Those types of people look for the weak and can spot a victim in a crowd.

You’ll burn tons of calories when you practice kickboxing.

If you’re running on a treadmill to burn calories, you’ll probably check the clock a lot to see how much longer you have. That’s not true when you practice kickboxing. You’ll be more focused on learning a new move or taking down an opponent. Time passes quickly when you’re having fun and before you know it, you’ve worked out and it’s time to go home.

  • You’ll get a blend of boxing with Muay Thai when you learn kickboxing. It also provides tons of cardio and lots of range of motion and strength training. It’s hard to do, but you won’t notice the extra effort.
  • You’ll help your coordination when you take up kickboxing for fitness. After a while, people will notice how much more graceful you are. Most people stop thinking of themselves as a klutz and start appreciating the new way they move.
  • You’ll improve your posture when you practice kickboxing. It builds core muscles, especially in the abdominal area. That leads to improved posture and a more confident appearance.
  • If you have a lot of stress in your life, take up kickboxing. It burns off the hormones of stress and you can even pretend that kickboxing punching bag is the person that causes the stress to add a bit more fun to the workout.

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Chino Kickboxing Instructors Can Make Fitness Fun