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There are many studies that show that kickboxing has huge benefits for children and young adults. One of the biggest is the self-confidence it builds. If you’ve ever watched youth kickboxing in Chino, you can see the focus and self-assurance the discipline of kickboxing brings to each individual participating. Are there other benefits, besides self-confidence? There definitely are. Each child benefits from the classes in many ways.

Kickboxing teaches children to set goals and achieve them.

The win is one goal in kickboxing, but it’s not the entire focus. Learning techniques and reaching a higher level of accomplishment through the system of colored belts is actually what children and adults strive to achieve. Winning only comes through the process of learning how to do each technique and using those moves properly. As each new level is achieved, another goal is reached, which is when another goal is set for the next level.

Kickboxing benefits overall health and fitness.

If you want your child to be more active, challenge your child with an activity that gets them moving, but has skill levels that are challenging. There’s a reason many kids are fascinated by computer games. They offer a challenge. Unfortunately, those computer games promote a sedentary lifestyle. Kickboxing also provides a challenge, while promoting healthy activity. It involves the body, mind and even spirit. It’s active and builds the body. It requires focus and learning various moves for the development of the mind. Finally, it builds the spirit of compassion, respect, justice and fairness.

Not only is self-respect learned, so is respect for others.

Martial arts promotes respecting other students. Matches aren’t based on being aggressive, but more about strategy, form, leverage, anticipation and conditioning. Classes at One Love Fit Club focus on respecting all students in the class and respect for the teacher. It encourages non-violent resolution. That type of non-violent resolution occurs more frequently because of the self-assurance that kickboxing brings to each child.

  • Kickboxing at One Love Fit Club builds endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. It can help kids become more coordinated and that lowers the risk of injury in all facets of life, even other sports.
  • Children learn that losing and taking a hit isn’t a defeat but an opportunity to get back up and learn how to avoid it the next time. They learn that a disappointing match, just like any disappointment, is a lesson and opportunity to reassess skills.
  • Kickboxing at One Love Fit Club promotes teamwork and helping one another. All members contribute to the growth of the group.
  • Children learn a sense of empathy for others. They also learn problem solving on a variety of levels.

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