10 Healthy Foods for 4th of July BBQs!

The 4th of July is coming up and that means PARTIES and BBQ’s and that means EATING and ALCOHOL!

How do we stay eating clean throughout the Summer BBQ’s and events?

Make smarter and more disciplined choices and substitutions! Summer is probably one of the more difficult times of year to stay on track with your diet. There’s a lot of traveling out of town, kids are off of school, there’s a lot of birthday parties, BBQ’s, weddings, and the list goes on! To stay on track, try and STAY AWAY from CARBS, SWEETS, and SUGARY DRINKS!!! Here are 10 food option for your 4th of July BBQs that will help you stay on track with all your goals:

1. Tortillas-substitute with lettuce wraps or wheat tortilla
2. Chips-healthier chip choices: blue corn chips, oven-baked, avocado oil chips, sweet potato chips
3. Avoid Potato, Macaroni, and Pasta Salads-substitute with Beans, Side Salad, Veggies
4. Sodas-substitute with Water or Light Lemonades
5. Beer-substitute with Champagne or Wine
6. Alcohol-Vodka drinks with no mixers; soda water, limes, mint, lemon are good substitutions
7. Focus on HIGH PROTEIN; chicken, fish, and turkey are preferred; they are leaner and have less cholesterol than red meat
8. Kabobs-Choice of Meat and Veggie Skewers
9. Dips-Guacamole and Salsas are ok, stay away from sour cream based or mayonnaise/ranch based dips
10. Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns-substitute with lettuce wraps or NO BREAD altogether

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Being successful at fitness and health isn’t about having the perfect diet and being 100% ALL the time. Let’s be real, life happens and unless we just want to stay home and eat chicken and broccoli all day, there’s going to be times where we might have a burger or a pizza. But the important thing to being successful at fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, is getting back on track whenever falling off and understanding that you cannot always be peaking in your fitness journey.

Having a cheat meal here and there or missing a workout once in awhile, is not going to completely cancel out what you’ve worked so hard for. Obviously, the more serious and determined you are to obtaining great results, the more disciplined everything has to be. But, if you mess up a meal here and there, just get right back on your diet with the next upcoming meals. If you miss a workout day, make it up the following days and hit it harder! If you slack, just understand these things happen and focus on getting back on track! I’d say 85% of the time eat clean, and you can cheat 15% and if you do this CONSISTENTLY ALL THE TIME (not just periodically) you could be pretty good.


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