Are Morning Workouts More Effective?

When scheduling your workout, you want to make it a time that you know you’ll be able to keep consistently. With that in mind, even if morning workouts are the most effective, but it doesn’t work with your scheduling, they aren’t the best. There are benefits to all times of the day, but what’s most important is actually doing the workout consistently.

Working out early has its benefits.

One benefit of working out early is that you get it done before the distractions of life get in the way. If your day frequently becomes cluttered with other demands, exercising early is a way to avoid getting sidetracked and not working out at all. You’ll also be working out on an empty stomach, so you’ll burn more stored fat for your energy. That trains your body to do it more efficiently. If you’re working out to build muscle tissue, then the situation changes and you need to eat some protein before and after your workout. That makes a later workout better.

What’s your ultimate goal?

If endurance is the ultimate goal, such as training for a marathon or other event that requires endurance, late morning, evening or afternoon are best. Glycogen stores are their highest and you need adequate glycogen stores for endurance. The best time to workout is several hours after you eat a full meal that contains carbohydrates. For people that skip breakfast or use intermittent fasting to lose weight, working out later in the day will help ensure you don’t run out of steam in the middle of the workout.

Your body temperature plays a role in improving your strength and power.

You don’t have to take your temperature before a workout, but it does play a role in your power. While you sleep, your temperature drops, which allows the discs in your back to fill with liquid. If you’re awake for a while, the disc fluid returns to normal. So does the body temperature. If you workout too early, that isn’t allowed to happen, which make it less than ideal for power lifting, particularly for those who may have problems with their back.

  • If you’re a night owl who hates getting up in the morning, a morning workout isn’t right for you. For others who love getting up early, but are ready for bed by eight, the morning works best.
  • Finding the most effective time isn’t nearly as important as finding the time that’s good for you consistently. Scheduling your workout like an appointment at the same time every day helps you make it a habit.
  • Some people say working out at night revs your body and can be the cause of insomnia. Recent studies show it isn’t true. In fact, an evening workout can even help you lose weight by suppressing the hunger hormone.
  • Working out after work can be beneficial, particularly if you have a stressful job. It burns off the hormones of stress. It also could be a good way to start your day in a more positive manner. You can also divide your workout into two shorter sessions, one in the morning and one after work.

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