Be More Energetic

If you want to lose weight or build muscle faster, don’t just depend on your time in the gym. You need to be more energetic and stay active even when you’re not working out. One benefit of working out is that it boosts your energy level. If you’re not going to use that extra energy for fun things or getting more done, then why would you want it? Your body was created to move. The more you move and get exercise, the stronger it becomes and the more energy you have.

Save the environment. Save money and get more exercise.

Ride a bike to work if possible. There’s a lot of reasons to do it and some commuter trains now allow bikes in a special car, so even if you live a distance from your office or work, you can still ride part of the way. Take the stairs and skip waiting for the elevator. You’ll probably get to your floor faster by doing that and boost the amount of exercise for the day.

Move at least five minutes out of every hour.

Several studies show that sitting for long periods is lethal. It can even wipe out the benefits of your regular exercise program. One study shows that the sitting for an hour can even cause negative results. That’s why it’s recommended that if you sit at a desk all day, at least once every fifty to fifty-five minutes you get up and move around, even if it’s just to go to the water cooler. It’s best if you move briskly or run up and down a flight of stairs.

Energetic people tend to exercise more.

Which came first, being energetic and doing exercise or doing exercise and getting energetic? That’t a tough question. However, if you think energetic and hustle into the gym, you can fake it until you make it. Once you start to workout, you’ll notice a surge in your energy level and even think better, since the more you move, the more you improve your cognitive functioning. Some studies show that exercising in the morning sets the energetic pace for the day.

  • Eat healthier to stay energetic. Cutting out sweets and processed foods can keep your blood sugar levels more steady. That avoids the super highs and deep dips—which rob your body of energy.
  • Take breaks and relax your mind. If you want to be more energetic, you need to clear your mind to avoid self-talk that can be defeating and tiring. Small periods of mental rest will recharge you.
  • Get adequate sleep. If you don’t get between 7 and 8 hours a night, you’ll find yourself dragging around, barely able to exude interest, let alone energy. Adequate sleep can help you boost your energy levels.
  • Develop a sense of curiosity. Remember when you were a child and looked at everything with wonder. Try doing more of that and don’t become jaded. Excitement over discovering something new renews energy.

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