Benefits Of A Workout Partner

One of the things I always tell new members at the gym in Chino Hills, CA is to bring a friend. While you might not workout with them directly, there are benefits of a workout partner or someone who works out at the same time as you do. They turn an ordinary gym visit into an appointment with a friend. You tend to go out of your way to make that appointment, where you might find it easier to skip a gym visit where nobody misses you.

It’s a reason that personal trainers are so popular and get such good results.

Seriously, one of the biggest reasons for any fitness plan failing is the lack of follow through. At first, you’re dedicated, excited and willing to go to great lengths, just to get your workout in that day. Sometimes, that excitement lasts weeks, sometimes only a few days. It’s at that point you skip a visit or two, after all, who’s going to notice. Having a personal trainer means you’re accountable to someone, not just for the weigh in and how hard you work, but also for showing up to workout.

Workout partners also provide other benefits.

Whether you’re kickboxing or working out, it’s a lot more fun when you have a friend doing it with you. Just because you’re dedicated to getting fit, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Having fun is what makes the kickboxing classes so popular. You get in a good workout, but the time goes quickly and you barely notice you’re working hard. It’s super motivating and can take the sting out of an even hard workout.

You don’t have to be in perfect shape to appreciate some friendly competition.

Even if your workout partner is fitter than you or far less fit, each person is working to achieve his or her own personal goal. If you’re competitive at all, having a work partner means either openly or secretly, you’ll be doing your best to out achieve your workout buddy. People whose fitness level is far removed from the other works hard to achieve their own personal goal and maybe even flaunt that success a bit or at least keep up with their counterpart that achieved theirs. If you’re both on equal footing, let the games begin!

  • A workout partner can add variety to your workout by showing you exercises or kickboxing moves they learned, but you somehow missed.
  • You can share knowledge with one another. Whether it’s the proper form for a move or exercise or the number of reps and combinations, you’ll both get better sharing the knowledge.
  • There’s safety in numbers. Whether it’s as a spotter when you’re working with weights or enjoying a run, walk or jog, having a partner to workout with can make your fitness efforts safer.
  • When you have a partner, you’ll be more apt to try something new. It’s less intimidating when there’s two of you joining a new class or even trying something like kickboxing.

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