Best Exercises For A Defined Back

If you’re putting on a swimsuit or other revealing clothing, like an evening gown with an open back, you want every part of you to look fabulously fit. That’s why we focus on a full body workout at One Love Fit Club in Chino Hills, CA. We provide exercises for all types of fitness and all parts of the body. We even provide exercises for a defined back that will also help prevent muscle injuries and back pain.

Just like having a six-pack, nobody sees the definition if it’s covered with layers of fat.

Having a great looking back takes two things. It takes the right type of exercise and a lean body. That means you have to do more than just exercise, you have to take off excess fat that might be hiding those gorgeous muscles. Back fat, like any type of fat, is layered over the muscles, making definition almost impossible. Eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Normally, the last fat that disappears seem to be around the middle, both in front and in back.

Exercises that tone the back, shoulders, upper arms and core muscles tone your back.

Step two in getting a more defined back is the actual exercise. Strength training is one of the best ways to do it. You can do bodyweight exercises that work the three muscle groups in the back, which are the upper back, mid back and lower back. The muscles are the trapezoids, deltoids, the latissimus dorsi, lower trapezius, rhomboids and erector spinae. Exercises that involve twisting work the obliques and side abdominals, to give that V shape to the body. Hold your hips in stationary position and twist your upper body from side to side. You can even do it seated.

Exercises that require pushing or pulling are good for the back.

You can use a cable machine to do both upright standing row and close grip row. Pull-ups are also another good exercise for the back muscles. Now switch to pushing by doing a push-up. It strengthens the core muscles, which includes the back muscles. All types of planks from full extension planks to forearm planks, help define the muscles, as they burn fat.

  • If you have access to a rowing machine, it’s good for the middle back. Back extensions, Superman and knee rolls are good for the lower back. Practicing good posture helps the upper back and aids in defining back muscles.
  • Using weights to workout is the quickest way to get a more defined appearance for your back. You can target certain muscle groups better as you burn extra calories to lose weight.
  • When you do exercises that bring your hands behind your head they help develop the back muscles. Try doing jumping jacks, but instead of clapping at the top, cross your arms both at the top and bottom. You can even skip the jumping and get good results.
  • Compound exercises are the most efficient ways to get back muscles toned and burn calories. They work several muscles, ligaments and joints at once.

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