Cutting Edge Fitness

%image_alt%No matter what you do to become fitter, if it gets you moving, it’s far better than doing nothing. However if you want a program based on the latest scientific studies that uses cutting edge fitness techniques, you’ll probably see the best results. Of course, most studies show that only through an individualized fitness program will you get the fastest and best results. That’s because it’s designed for your level of fitness, focusing on weaknesses to build symmetry and aid in the synergistic movements of the muscles.

Not everyone has the same needs.

One person may want to lose weight, while the other just wants to be healthier and fitter. Of course, the basic path to fitness would be almost the same, but there would be differences in each program. For the person with special needs, such as a back problem. A personal trainer needs to modify the form of the exercise to prevent causing further damage. Back problems, by the way, often respond well to exercise programs focused on developing stomach and back muscles.

If you’re working hard but not seeing any results.

That may be the problem of the exercise program you’re using. Some people just focus on cardio workouts, which aren’t necessarily the best for overall weight loss. They will burn calories, but you need to have a mix of strength and cardio for the best results. Interval training is another great way to burn fat. Some workouts keep burning fat long after the workout ends. However, no matter what exercises you do, you also need flexibility and balance training. Flexibility training is range of motion training and it can help prevent injury that will put you out of commission for months.

Look to total body training that’s fun.

Total body training not only works all the muscles in the body, but also includes several types of training, sometimes all four, strength, cardio, flexibility and balance. There are a number of different forms of exercise that can provide this type of conditioning. Kettlebells and kickboxing are two of those. I choose to include kickboxing because it takes the drudgery out of exercise and makes it more fun. You tend to focus more on your next move rather than how much longer you have to workout. Best of all, you leave wishing sessions were even longer.

Make sure you eat healthier when you’re trying to get results. No matter what your fitness goals, matching your eating habits to those goals are important. Someone trying to build bulky muscles will be eating differently than a person trying to lose weight.

In the past, most trainers or gyms would never offer a money back guarantee after just 30 days. We do because the cutting edge techniques we use get fast results and we’re confident you’ll be pleased.

You don’t have to be a beginner or even have tried and failed at fitness to benefit from the help of a personal trainer. In fact, many extremely fit people use the services of a trainer as a way to break the monotony of their regular workout, check their form or learn new exercises.

Trainers vary workout frequently to help avoid plateauing. That can occur when the body becomes too efficient doing the same routine continuously.

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