Diet But Don’t Lose Muscle

It seems like everyone is on a diet, but diets aren’t necessary to lose weight. You do have to eat healthier and need to increase your activity. The more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose weight and the better you’ll look when you’ve reached your goal. Is there a way to diet so you don’t lose muscle mass? Of course, there is, but it requires a diet and exercise program, rather than just a diet.

Get the look you want means having the right combination of food and exercises.

If you’re thinking about just doing cardio, STOP! Just doing cardio alone may help you lose weight, but you’ll also lose muscle tissue. You need to include strength training in your workout, which also builds muscle tissue. In fact, comparing a cardio only and a cardio and strength training workout, 25% of the cardio calories burned were from muscle tissue, while the combination of strength training and cardio almost all their calories came from burning fat.

Don’t overdo strength training or you could be sabotaging yourself.

To maximize your benefits, you should do strength training two to three days a week and make sure you get about 24-72 hours between sessions. That allows your body to heal the micro tears, which causes the muscles build. Overtraining or even training and eating too few calories can deprive your body of the necessary glycogen necessary. Training too hard and too frequently can put too much stress on your muscles, causing injury and even strain your gastrointestinal and immune system. Your trainer will create the perfect program for your needs.

No matter how hard you workout and how good your program is, in order to burn fat and build muscle, you need to eat healthy.

Eating healthy isn’t dieting. It’s all about making smarter choices. If you’re trying to build muscle and burn fat, you need a healthy diet. While you might think it’s counterintuitive, you need to eat healthy fat. Healthy fat will make you feel fuller longer, so you’ll eat less. The same is true of protein, but you also need protein to build muscles. If you did the perfect workout, only to leave the gym to eat a load of junk food, you won’t get the results you want.

  • When you eat and what you eat makes a difference, too. Eating carbs earlier in the day allows you to burn them off, rather than be stored as fat. You also need a carb and protein snack before and after a workout. Before the workout for energy and afterward to help build muscles.
  • HIIT—high intensity interval training—can burn tons of calories. If you do strength training on an HIIT format, you’ll get faster results. Kickboxing is the perfect example of a workout that varies the intensity naturally, making it more like a HIIT workout.
  • Kickboxing and our personal training programs will scorch fat and help you lose it quickly, while having fun in the process. The best types of workouts are ones you do regularly and you’ll be more likely to that when you’re having fun.
  • Losing fat and building muscle requires other important factors. Getting adequate sleep is important and so is adequate hydration. Your body needs sleep to repair muscles and dehydration limits fat metabolism.

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