Does Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

Is it a struggle to lose weight? Sure it is. It took a long time to add those extra pounds and in order to lose them, you have to change a lot of things in your life. Did you know there’s a simple way to not only help you shed those extra pounds, but also boost your energy? It’s by drinking more water! I’ll bet you’re already scowling and saying “that’s just too simple.” Remember, sometimes the simplest things help us the most. When you consider that the body is about fifty-five to sixty-five percent water, based on your age and sex, you start to see how important it is. The percentage of water varies from organ to organ, with the heart and brain containing 73 % water, lungs 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%.

Do you want an energy boost? Turn to water, not coffee or soft drinks.

If you immediately head for the candy counter to get more energy or are a frequent flyer at the coffee shop, try this little experiment. When your energy is sagging, head for the water cooler and drink a glass or two of water, instead of your normal alternatives. You’ll be amazed at how it boosts your energy level. Too often exhaustion comes from mild dehydration and water takes care of that to get your metabolism up and running at peak performance. Coffee dehydrates you and soft drinks do that and spike your sugar levels that drop just as quickly, while increasing your caloric intake.

Studies show that you can improve your metabolism with water.

Do you want to boost your metabolism as much as 30 percent? When you drink water, it can do that for about an hour and a half. If you only drink two liters of water a day, it can increase the average person’s metabolism and cause the body to burn an extra 96 calories every day. While that doesn’t sound huge, over a month, it means an extra pound shed. It’s simple and easy, while providing a big benefit. It could mean as much as ten pounds lost over a year.

Water makes you feel less hungry.

Everyone has felt being hungry, but not knowing what they want. Sometimes, that’s really thirst the body thinks is hunger. Staying hydrated helps that problem. Drinking water also fills you up and helps you eat less. One study showed that a group that drank a half liter of water before a meal compared to a group of dieters that didn’t, lost about 44% more weight! That’s significant…and again, very easy.

  • When you’re drinking water, to get the most benefit from every swallow, go for cold water. The body has to warm the water to body temperature, burning additional calories in the process.
  • Is belly bloat a problem? Water helps prevent constipation that can cause it, not only keeping you regular, but also looking your slimmest and best.
  • Soft drinks often make you feel thirstier. There’s a reason why. Buried underneath the flavor of all that sugar is salt. It’s an amazing marketing technique. You drink a can of soda because you’re thirsty and then get even thirstier, so you need another.
  • Every person should have approximately eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, based on your age, height and weight. As you age, you dehydrate faster and drinking more water will keep your skin more youthful, while boosting your brain power.

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