Don’t Overthink It – Just Start

Too often people put off working out by sitting in front of a computer, looking for the best workout to get back into shape. What’s wrong with wanting the best? Absolutely nothing, except that it can mean you never start anything. Instead of hunting through videos and checking online blogs, why not just get started on something, even if it’s just taking a walk. You can always change directions and find other ways to workout. In other words, don’t overthink it – just start.

Postponing your effort to get healthier means you’ll have a harder time getting into shape.

Procrastinating never helped anyone with any problem. It just makes things worse. That’s true no matter what the situation that requires effort. If you procrastinate cleaning your home, it doesn’t get any cleaner. In fact, it often gets dustier, dirtier and more in disarray. One way to start is by picking up and putting away items as you pass them. While it’s not a complete solution, it does make some progress. The same is true for making your body fitter, taking small steps is far better than taking no steps to solve the problem.

Not everyone is fit enough for a complete workout, but increasing your activity can help you get to that point.

Do you feel like you can’t do a complete workout or is your health such that you really can’t? Do what you can. Take a few minutes every hour to walk around the room until you’re strong enough to walk a few blocks. Change your habits and park further from the store rather than circling the parking lot for a closer spot. Those extra few steps each day can be beneficial. Take the stairs. If you’re really out of shape, take it slow and rest. You can just take one flight of stairs at first and use the elevator for the rest if you’re out of shape.

We know you’ll love our kickboxing classes, but for those who aren’t sure, offer a guarantee.

We can’t make it any easier than that for those who procrastinate and want the best program. You’ve got thirty days to see results, or we give your money back. That’s our guarantee. It’s a win-win situation. You either get results and feel great or it costs you nothing. Kickboxing is fun, so most people don’t feel like they’re working out, but enjoy the activity. You’ll find that our group is extremely welcoming and you’ll make a lot of friends, which also makes it a lot more fun.

  • What are you waiting for? Stand up right now if you’re sitting down and walk in place. Do a few jumping jacks or a plank. If you want something more organized, give a call, we’re ready to help.
  • You can start eating healthier, too. Just say no to foods with added sugar and plan your snacks. Take fruit to the office with you or nuts for snacks.
  • How do you know whether you’re procrastinating or just doing your research? The answer lies in how long you’ve been searching. If you’ve thought about starting a fitness program off and on for over a week, you need to take action.
  • Working out is a great stress reliever. If you feel like you’re constantly under pressure and maybe even that you have no time to workout, you’re the type of person who really needs it. Don’t wait for stress to take its toll on your body. Start today.

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