Exercise At Home Without All The Fuss

There might be reasons you can’t make it to the Chino Hills, CA gym to exercise. Car problems, tight schedule and sick child are a few. Unless you’re sick, there’s no reason you can’t exercise at home. Even if you aren’t part of our gym community, you still can get a good workout. There’s no need for fancy equipment. You don’t need any.

Start with body weight workouts.

Body weight exercises require no equipment. If you have a personal trainer, he or she will help you with a workout you can do at home for those emergency days when you can’t make it into the gym. Circuit training or HIIT workouts are excellent ways to add more benefit to the workout. Use squats, lunges, planks and push-ups, for starters if you don’t have help. There’s a wide variety of each type from which to choose.

If equipment adds to your workout, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of space.

I have clients that like the idea of using exercise equipment or they’re used to the workouts that use equipment. If storage is limited, inexpensive strength building equipment like resistance bands can be stored in a drawer. A kettlebell is another easy to store item to build core strength and muscle. You do need space to move freely without hitting anything with it, however. A pull up bar is another easy store inexpensive item. If money is tight, make your own equipment. Plastic milk jugs and detergent bottles can be filled with sand, water or small stones and used for weights. Adjust the amount you put in to adjust the weight.

Sometimes, even working out at home is impossible.

For those busy days, when you leave at the crack of dawn and get home long after the sun sets, working out almost is impossible. That’s when you have to get creative. If you’re at the office, try simple chair exercises like a chair push up. Grab the edge of the chair and push yourself up off the seat keeping your legs either straight out or knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Take a five to ten minutes several times throughout the day to run up and down the stairs or run in place. If you have your own office or a cubicle, do a few jumping jacks to keep your body moving.

  • Try alternative workouts and get more work done in the process. Put elbow grease into household jobs, like washing windows or rearranging furniture. Move fast to get an endurance workout.
  • Add fun activities as part of your workout. Ride a bike or enjoy dancing the pounds away in the living room. It’s all about getting fitter and healthier so you can enjoy life more. Why not enjoy getting there, too?
  • If you do workout at home, make it an appointment. If you wait for the right time, it simply won’t happen. You need to make it a priority.
  • No matter where you workout, consistency is the key to success. You can’t workout once and see results. It takes weeks of regular exercise to do that.

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