Exercises To Strengthen Knees

Does it hurt when you stand up out of a chair or kneel down to tie your shoes. You need help before it’s too late. Your knees take a beating every time you walk or put pressure on your legs. It’s especially true if you’re overweight. Wear and tear on knees can cause osteoarthritis, bursitis and tendonitis. How do you avoid that? Do exercises to strengthen knees and get the fluids that lubricate the joints moving. If you already have damage, get help with personal training that can modify exercises and build the muscles around the knees to make them stronger.

Aside from knee replacement surgery, exercise is a good option to improve mobility.

It can’t be said often enough. Before you start any fitness program, always check with your health care provider to ensure it’s safe for you to do. You can build your entire body as you do exercises to build the muscles around your knees. Walking is one place to start, but there are other exercises, like a straight leg raise. Lay on your back on the floor with one leg bent and the other straight ahead. Raise the leg that’s extended about six inches off the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then lower. Repeat five times and then do the other leg.

Doing kicks can help your knees become fitter.

Have you ever felt like kicking your own backside when you’ve messed up? Now you can do it and it’s called exercise. You can do it standing or laying on your abdomen. It’s simple. Lift one leg until the heel hits your bottom, lower it and lift the other side. Take a cue from swimming with a butterfly kick. It’s a series of fluttering kicks. You don’t have to get in the water to do them, but as an exercise they’re called flutter kicks. Lay on your stomach. Lay flat and lift one leg high and holding, then slowly lower it back to the ground. You can do

Do some stretches before you workout that will help improve your range of motion.

A downward dog calf stretch, basic hamstring stretch, side to side and front to front pendulum and a standing quad stretch will all help improve your range of motion and get you read to exercise. The seated quad stretch can build the muscles, too. Sit on the floor with one leg bent and one straight out and then attempt to force the back of the knee that’s extended into the floor. Switch legs. You can add one step to that process by adding quad extensions. After you press your leg to the floor, lift the foot of the bent leg and press it forward, straightening it, then returning it to bent position.

  • Swimming is a good way to build knee muscles because the body is buoyant, so there’s less pressure on the knee. Hang on to the edge of the pool and extend your body, then do a butterfly kick.
  • Floor lateral leg raises can build the muscles at the side of the knee. They’re gentle on the knee, but work your lower body. Lay on your side with your head resting on one raised arm and other arm balancing you. Raise the leg on top as high as you can and hold, lowering slowly. Switch sides.
  • Drink more water. You need fluid to lubricate the joints, so even minor dehydration can cause pain and difficulty moving. Eat healthy to lose weight if that’s a problem. Excess weight on a joint can cause debilitation.
  • As you build strength in your knees, try wall squats. Use the wall as support for your back, pressing your pelvis into it, and slowly lower yourself to squat position. If you feel pain with any exercise, quit doing it, especially if it’s sharp, shooting pain.

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