Get Excited About The Future You

the Future You

There is only one thing that will never change and that’s the fact that everything changes. Every seven to ten years you’ve replaced all the cells in your body. Every day you’re replacing some of the old or damaged ones with new ones. Each day adds to your experience, so even the way you think about things can change. You’ll be a similar person in ten years but still very different. You can take an active role in how the future you will look and how healthy that person will be. Starting a fitness program can be the start.

It does get exciting to think you are the captain of your destiny.

Starting a fitness program that includes healthy eating and exercise can create a fit, healthy future you. That can be exciting..Just imagine feeling great every day and having the energy to accomplish more. You’ll also shed unwanted pounds and build muscle tissue to replace fat tissue. That means the future you will have a metabolism that burns calories faster, since muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does.

If boosting your metabolism doesn’t excite you, the fit trim body your future self will have should.

Even if you don’t shed a single pound, you’ll look thinner. That’s because muscle tissue also weighs more per cubic inch than fat tissue does, so a pound of it takes up less space. Your clothes will fit better and may even be a few smaller sizes. It’s getting more exciting now, isn’t it? You won’t have as many backaches either. Exercising can help those too.

The future you will be more confident.

One of the most amazing results of working out is the confidence level it builds. Even before you see a difference in your body, you’ll have a new self image. The longer you workout, the better your posture becomes, so you’ll walk taller and look far more confident. That aura of confidence makes people you see and treat your differently, with more respect.

You’ll be more independent and able to carry groceries and other healthier items with ease. You won’t need to ask anyone for help with most things.

Once you realize you control your future appearance, you’ll also realize you control other areas of your life, and start to take charge. ‘

Working out builds mental toughness, the ability to continue long after others might have quit. That can be a great lesson to use in all areas of your life.

The more excited you become about the future you, the more dedicated you’ll be to sticking to the program and not allow anything get in your way when you’re working on a goal.

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