Get Outside And Move

One of the benefits of living in Chino Hills, CA, is the weather. It’s not perfect all the time, but we don’t have the freezing temperatures and snow of the Northern Midwest or the constant stifling heat of other areas. It’s one reason I suggest that people take their workout to Mother Nature and get outside and move. Not only is the fresh air and sunshine good for the body, it’s good for the soul.

You’ll find that working out in nature can improve your mood.

While I don’t recommend running along a busy road, working out or running in a park can improve your day. Working out in an area with plants can certainly lift your spirits. When you’re working out under the sun, it enhances the production of vitamin D. You don’t have to do a formal routine to get benefit, just walking or even gardening can be enjoyable. If you have a few minutes available or are on your lunch break, walk to lunch. Even if you’re in a busy city, the walk and sun will energize you.

You can connect with others when you workout outside.

If you don’t know your neighbors, riding your bike or walking through your neighborhood can help you get acquainted. A walking trip to your favorite coffee shop on a regular basis will help you meet the regulars in your neighborhood. That’s especially important if you’re new to the area. Being social is a key element in being healthy.

Exercising outdoors can revitalize you.

There’s a great deal of research that indicates that working out in the fresh air makes you feel more revitalized than working out in the gym. It can boost your energy, improve your workout and even reduce your tension better. People in various studies reported that they reaped more satisfaction and enjoyment when they exercised outdoors. Other studies show exercising outside lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Take precautions when you move your workout outside. Use exercises that are suitable and consider traffic, weather and even safe tanning and sunscreen. Dress appropriately.
  • If you run outside on irregular terrain, you’ll get more of workout and burn more calories than if you simply ran on a treadmill in the gym. Even the wind resistance can increase the calories you burn.
  • You can make your workout time a family time when you take your workout to the outside. Whether hiking with the kids, running around a playground, riding bikes together or even shooting hoops, it all counts as exercise that also provides family fun and teaches children to live an active lifestyle.
  • Not only is exercising outside a way to change up your exercise program and keep it interesting, you’ll sleep better at night when you take your workout outside.

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