Green Tea for Pre-Workout

Do you find that pre-workout powders make you too jittery and strung out? Do you not enjoy the taste or feel of coffee drinks?

A great alternative for a pre-workout pick-me-up could be GREEN TEA. Green tea has a good enough amount of natural, healthy caffeine that can give you that extra boost of energy for your workouts. For the warmer Summer months, try iced green tea with natural honey for some added sweetness. Try to drink your Green Tea “Pre Workout” about 30 minutes before you go workout. It feels much cleaner and lighter than coffee and is much healthier than any energy drink out there.

In addition to that boost of energy, GREEN TEA has many other benefits that help to aid your overall health:

1. Powerful Anti-oxidantGreen Tea for Pre Workout
2. Improves Brain Function
3. Increases Fat Burning & Improves Physical Performance
4. Lowers Risks for Cancer
5. Lowers Risks of Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease
6. Improves Dental Health by killing certain bacteria
7. Lowers Risk for Type II Diabetes
8. Reduces Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
9. Helps Lose Weight and Lower Risk of Obesity
10. Helps You Live Longer

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