How Often Should I Do Cardio A Week?

If you’re just starting to workout and have heard that cardio burns tons of calories, you’ve heard right. It does. However, cardio is also good for your heart and it is recommended you do it five days a week. The amount of time you spend doing varies by the intensity of your activity. If you’re doing moderate cardio you need at least 150 minutes a week and intense cardio requires only 75 minutes. How do you tell the difference? If you can comfortably talk, but not sing while you’re working out, you’re doing moderate-intensity. If you can only say a few words without gasping for breath, it’s high intensity.

How often should you do cardio?

Most people recommend at lest three times a week if you’re doing high intensity cardio. You also need strength training and flexibility training, too. One way to include all three is to use kettlebells or opt for classes in kickboxing or other sports. Kickboxing builds strength, while also giving you a good flexibility and cardio workout.

One way to make your cardio more effective and interesting is to make it a HIIT workout.

What’s HIIT? It stands for high intensity interval training. It’s a way of exercising that gives the most cardio benefit. You can use it with any type of exercise, even walking. HIIT involves doing an exercise at top intensity for a short time, then switching to a moderate recovery intensity for as long or longer, then back to high intensity. It’s versatile enough to use with your weightlifting workout or just keep it strictly for cardio.

Our workouts before kickboxing will build your cardio endurance.

Jumping rope, jumping jacks, knee-ups and squats into front kicks or jump front kicks work your cardiovascular system. Just running up and down the stairs can be a grueling cardio workout. That’s why coaches often have players do it. Riding a stationary bike or real bike at top speed will definitely give you a cardio workout that burns calories. When you vary the speed, as in a HIIT workout, you’ll burn even more than you do at a steady state pace.

  • While cardio burns tons of calories, it burns calories from both lean muscle tissue and fat. You’re better off incorporating cardio with strength training to maintain muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism.
  • If you have joint problems, do cardio in water. It’s easy on the joints and still improves your endurance. Kettlebell swings, mountain climbers and battle ropes are also easy on the joints.
  • There’s no rule that says you can’t do more cardio than 150 minutes a week. In fact, that’s a minimum. Increase your daily activity by walking more, taking the stairs and participating in activities like dancing that are fun, while boosting your endurance.
  • You’ll love the workout you get with kickboxing. While you’re doing strength-building, flexibility training and cardio, you don’t even realize it because it’s so much fun. Come in and try it. You’ll love it and that means you’ll be more apt to stick with it.

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