How To Avoid Sweet Temptations Around The House

We focus on you and your good health at One Love Fit Club in Chino Hills, CA. While working out is our specialty, helping you avoid sweet temptations and eating healthy is also important. Exercise isn’t the total answer. We know that if you leave the gym and slug down burgers, fries and a shake, you won’t lose weight as fast, if at all. Temptation foods often contain highly processed flour and sugar, which means it’s filled with empty calories. It’s tough to avoid those treats if you have others that aren’t trying to lose weight living with you.

Help your family eat healthier and get the benefits of that decision.

Everyone has their own special treat that they love and you might be shopping to make sure that your family gets those treats or your spouse is doing that. You can help everyone eat healthier by changing what you buy or asking your spouse to do that. There are great snacks that add to a healthy lifestyle, such as nuts, fruit and veggies.

Have easy to serve portion size snacks ready.

If you’ve ever bought a family size bag of nuts and ate until you were full and maybe even a little sick, you know you ate tons of calories. In order to avoid that with higher calorie healthy treats, make individual serving sizes. You can buy the little plastic containers with lids and dole out individual serving sizes of healthy dip. Just grab a few veggies that are already washed and cut and you have a snack that’s delicious, filling and low in calories.

It’s not all about the food you snack on, but also about what you drink.

Do you have soft drinks in your refrigerator? It’s one of the worst things you can drink if you’re trying to lose weight. Studies show that even sugar-free soft drinks are unhealthy. One study showed that people who drank more diet cola had bigger waistlines. The sugar substitute used tricks the body and causes fat to collect around the mid-section. Belly fat is the hardest to eliminate. Choose water or infused water.

  • Make healthy dip from Greek yogurt or chickpeas—hummus, chop veggies and have them ready for snacks. Section citrus fruit and have it ready in a bowl to snack or opt for apple slices and peanut butter.
  • If snack food is important, have popcorn kernels and brown paper lunch sacks available. Simply put ¼ to 1/3 cup of kernels in the bag and microwave until the popping slows. It’s the perfect crunchy snack.
  • People who don’t like regular water often love infused water and make it at home. While it’s not a substitute for healthy eating, it does have some nutrients and few, if any calories.
  • You don’t have to give up your favorite snack completely, just don’t eat it as often and keep the serving size in mind. Once you start eating healthy and eliminating added sugar, you may find your favorite snack isn’t as good as you remembered.

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