I Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Everyone has had second thoughts about working out at least one time or another. Even I have. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like working out, but those are often the times that you’ll reap more benefits. I’m not talking about those times when you’re actually sick and running a fever. Not only is staying home good for your health, it also protects others at the gym. I’m talking about those times when you’re feeling funky, just not in the mood to exercise.

Are you ready to skip a workout because of stress at work?

Stress can definitely make you exhausted and want to go home, go to bed and forget the stress of the day. That’s not the best way to handle the situation, however. Rather than curling up in a ball under the covers, you need to work off the hormones created by stress or face feeling out of sorts for days. Working out and burning off the hormones of stress can get your body back to normal, while also creating hormones that make you feel more at peace. You’ll sleep far better at night after a good workout.

Are you dog-tired and don’t feel like working out?

It’s time to head for the gym if you’re tired, but have adequate sleep. Sometimes, all it takes to get refreshed is moving around, punching it out and get that feeling of satisfaction when you know you’ve done something kind for yourself. Exercise boosts circulation and that helps revive your system. As noted before, it also can burn off stress hormones that leave you feeling exhausted. You may be tired after a workout, but it’s a different type of tired that is satisfied with a good night’s rest.

Just do it. Go to the gym and start.

You can make a deal with yourself that as long as you go to the gym and do one exercise, you can go home and feel vindicated. So put on your gym clothes and go. After you start the first exercise, you can re-examine whether you want to continue or not. The chances are, you do the next one and before you know it, be into your routine and start enjoying the workout.

  • To avoid future desires to stay home, always have your gym clothes ready to go. The minute you get home from the gym, wash clothes that need to be washed and repack for the next gym visit.
  • One reason a personal trainer gets good results is that by knowing you’re meeting the trainer there, you’re held accountable. Even if you aren’t using a personal trainer, a workout buddy can be just as good. Workout with a friend who you have to meet and you’ll be more apt to go.
  • You aren’t alone. Create a group on social media who check in with each other. Every time you skip a workout or go to one you wanted to skip, report it to the group. You’ll be giving yourself kudos when you go and hanging your head in shame when you don’t. Most people want to skip the shame part.
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