Improve Flexibility

Improve Flexibility

There are many types of fitness, but often you see people focus on either cardio vascular fitness or strength, while those two are important, you need to improve flexibility and balance, too. Not only is improved flexibility important in preventing sports injuries, it also improves your functional fitness. Flexibility is your range of motion. If you have a limited range of motion, lifting something light can cause injury.

Big muscles doesn’t mean your at your fittest.

The Incredible Hulk seems pretty agile as he faces opponents and knocks down buildings, but not everyone with bulging muscles is that flexible. You often find weight lifters benched because they didn’t bother with any stretches during their exercise routine. Just because you can run a mile without breathing hard doesn’t protect you from sprains and strains either. Stretching is often one of the most overlooked parts of a workout routine and it can make the difference between a successful day or injury.

Even kickboxing requires stretch and flexibility training.

You won’t build big muscles but have that lean look. However, you still need to warm up and insure your muscles are ready to move in a multitude of ways. Kicks require flexibility and speed, so training is of the utmost importance for this sport. You need to take an extra 15 minutes before you start to insure your body is ready. The good news is that as you participate, kickboxing will also improve your overall flexibility. It’s also a great workout for coordination and balance.

You’ll increase the blood flow to all your muscle tissues.

Flexibility training sends oxygen and nutrient loaded blood to all parts of your body. That encourages the muscles to relax, which is another way it helps prevent injury. If you have back problems, flexibility training may be just what you need for relief. It loosens tight muscles and reduces back pain in the process. It also is a great way to eliminate muscle pain and provides overall good health. That leads to improved performance no matter what your sport or activity.

Stretching can help eliminate muscle aches and pains if you do it before and after exercising. It’s a great way to help relieve back pain, too.

You’ll posture with flexibility training. That leads to more presence, confidence and greater respect from others.

As you improve your range of motion, you’ll also notice far less pain after working out rigorously.

You’ll build joint health with flexibility training combined with strength training. It builds the muscles but also allows them to move freely taking pressure off joints.

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