Improve Your Body And Boost Your Self Image

Too much emphasis is placed on looking good, even at the expense of being healthy. Everyone wants to look fantastic, like a movie star, but not everyone has the makeup artists, hairdressers and clothing designers that stars have. What everyone does have is their own unique self and their own brand of charm and beauty. Building on that, you can make your body healthier, improve your body and boost your self image. It all starts with loving yourself first. When you care about yourself, you’ll want to take better care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself is the ultimate goal.

That doesn’t necessarily mean pampering yourself, although everyone deserves that occasionally. Your body needs to exercise to be at its best, so that’s what you should give it on a regular basis. It also needs to eat healthy foods and again, that’s what you should do. It’s all about taking care of your body as you would for anything you loved. If you had a car you loved, you’d make sure it got the best attention, had regular maintenance and given the best fuel. You should take care of your body in the same way. After all, you can get another car, but not another body.

The boost in your self image comes from accomplishing your goals.

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I’ll say it again, you will feel better about yourself when you look better, but the true improvement to your self-image comes from achieving your goals, not from looking better. If looks are all you value, you’ll never look good enough to be pleased with yourself. It takes more. The extra energy you get from exercising regular is another huge boost, but the real gold lies in the accomplishment of good health.

Never compare yourself to another person.

One of the biggest problems I find when I have a client that has a bad self image is the constant comparison to someone else. This goes back to focusing totally on appearance, rather than good health and fitness. There will always be someone that has better thighs, a flatter stomach, a firmer backside or a better figure. When you learn to love yourself as you are, you can start finding ways to treat yourself better and two of those are a healthy diet and a program of regular exercise. Focusing on how much you’ve improved, rather than comparing yourself with another, is the way to improve your self image.

  • Dress for success. Don’t relegate yourself to drab colors or baggy clothes. Take pride in who you are every day of your life.
  • Improve your self image by realizing that you are powerful enough to do the things that will make you look and feel better.
  • Know that only through accepting yourself, can you do the things that you need to do to make change. If you loathe who you are and continuously criticize yourself, you’ll be building a stronger negative self-image that will be harder to change.
  • Clean up your self talk and get busy. If you wouldn’t say the same things to a friend or acquaintance that you say to yourself, stop. Instead, switch your focus to ways you can treat yourself better.

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