Is It Time For A Detox

Giving your body a rest and cleaning it out isn’t a bad idea. In fact, some people feel it’s time for a detox when they have low energy levels. I tell clients in Chino Hills, CA that I have no problem with a detox, as long as it’s not radical or involves harsh chemicals. Those types of fads can cause harm. What I feel is best are some natural techniques that can be anything from clean eating to strict healthy eating. I personally have some favorite detox techniques that I find give an energy boost and make you feel great.

An intermittent fast is a detox that’s proven to be healthy.

An intermittent fast is a short fast. It doesn’t last days, it lasts hours. It means eating all your meals within eight hours and fasting for sixteen. When I have clients that use an intermittent fast, some actually fast and combine it with a juice diet for a few days to hasten the cleanse. Flushing your system frequently with warm water speeds the cleansing process. Studies show that fasting may help improve your longevity and keep you younger looking longer.

Go with smoothies and cut out all processed foods, especially dairy and grains.

You might think that’s just too easy to be a detox, but think about it. No toast, no cheese, just fresh fruits and vegetables—they can be cooked by you—meat or a protein source and water, coffee or tea. Some people who eat meat insist on wild fish or grass-fed beef, since there are more health benefits. Cutting out dairy and grains can help you discover if you’re gluten or dairy intolerant. Dairy tends to be mucous forming, so if you consistently wake up with a cough, it may help.

A purge shouldn’t be part of your detox plan.

Seriously, I have a personal problem with people who take substances that cause diarrhea and are harsh on your colon. Laxative teas, pills and colon cleanses aren’t necessary or healthy. Eating plenty of fiber provides “scrubbing bubbles” for you colon that are actually healthy for you. Switch to a green or vegetarian diet for a few weeks as your detox and slowly add back mean.

  • Detox from sugar, milk, grain and meat. Cut out everything that contains sugar, including high glycemic index fruits and vegetables. Go a few days on vegetables and fruit only with water your drink of choice.
  • If you’re purging your body of toxic chemicals in the food, don’t forget to check your shampoo and hygiene products. Your body absorbs toxins through the skin, too.
  • Don’t forget to exercise while you’re detoxing. Exercise helps you sweat out toxins and cleanses your system through sweat. Drink plenty of water, too. Exercise will help you feel better.
  • Make sure you get adequate sleep, particularly if you’re fasting. If you’re just adjusting your diet, make sure it contains plenty of fiber to help move the toxins through your colon and out of your system.

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