It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done

If you’re grossly out of shape or overweight, it may seem like too big of a goal to tackle. You must remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done. It can be done taking it one step at a time, which is why you need to break the goal down to mini goals that are not only less intimidating, but get faster results. You have to focus on smaller steps. Babies don’t just jump up and run across the room. They first crawl, then stand aided, next unaided and finally take a few steps. It takes babies 18 to 24 months to learn to run, yet they don’t give up because they never learned to feel defeated or overwhelmed.

Start with your big goal and break it down to smaller ones.

Big goals are exciting, at least for a short time. Then you consider accomplishing them and it looks almost impossible to do. You need to break those goals down to manageable steps that are easier to tackle and which reveal the results quicker so they’re not only less intimidating, you get the motivation of accomplishing them sooner. A weight loss goal of 100 pounds could be broken down into 10 lb every five weeks goals or even 4 pounds every two weeks. Both are good and occur quick enough to be motivating.

Get a plan of action.

The plan of action is the most important part. It’s the baby steps to help you along the way until you can run. One of the most important parts of a trainer’s job is to create this plan of action. Your most important part is to follow it. Know that if you stick to this plan, you’ll see the results you want. Your main focus should be on the plan not the results and while you’re doing, just trust that the results will arrive. One reason I love kickboxing is that it changes your focus on the activity, not the weight loss.

Ways to boost your results.

You can ask for some “extra credit” assignments that don’t take place in the gym. The assignments may include taking a brisk walk daily, using the stairs and not taking the elevator or carrying several bags of groceries to the car rather than using a cart. (You need plastic bags or cloth bags with a handle you can hang over your arm to do this. Paper bags are just too awkward.) Living an active lifestyle outside of the gym gets you into shape faster.

  • Throw away the remote and start changing those channels by hand…better yet, get active and don’t watch TV at all.
  • Have fun and accomplish your goal. Weight loss is more than looking good, it’s feeling good and enjoying life, too. Don’t wait until those pounds are off to have fun. Take up a sport, go out dancing or come on in and kickbox and you’ll forget how intimidating the goal is and just have fun.
  • Keep your focus on your workout and healthy eating. You can control that directly. The number of inches you lose or pounds you lose are only indirectly controlled.
  • Don’t weigh yourself every day. It’s a huge mistake that can lead to discouragement.

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