Keep Your Curves In Check

%image_alt%Many women who consider kickboxing or even personal training worry that they’ll lose their femininity. I can reassure you right now that you’ll keep your curves, but still build a strong healthy body with our workout regimen. Even with sports where you’ll learn how to take down an opponent, such as kickboxing, you won’t give up your curvy appeal and probably add to it. Taking off weight and building muscle doesn’t create a masculine appearance. It actually uncovers the beautiful body underneath the excess weight and accents it.

You won’t bulk up.

One thing I hear all the time is the concern voiced by women that they’ll bulk up like the female body builders they see in competitions. These women have spent most of their time in the gym with a regimen of hours of workouts, a special high calorie diet and in some cases, steroids to help them get the super big guns and bulging muscles you see in competition. In order to build huge muscles, women either need to have a high testosterone supply (which almost all do not have) or supplement their testosterone artificially. Building muscles requires it, which is why men build faster and have bigger muscles, they have more testosterone.

You will tone up and uncover the muscles you already have.

Everyone has muscles or they wouldn’t be able to move. If the muscles are undeveloped, you have less stamina and strength. The more you develop them, the more strength and endurance you build. Building muscle tissue also does one more magical thing. It helps boost your metabolism and burns fat while you’re working out, too. You might already have strong well developed muscles but they’re hiding underneath a layer of fat. When you workout, you start losing that fat and strengthening the muscles underneath to get a sculpted look.

Kickboxing builds more than just curves.

When you workout with kickboxing, you’ll do more than just lose weight and help accentuate your curves. You’ll start developing a “can do” attitude that comes with feeling stronger and more in charge. You’ll also be improving your posture due to improved muscle strength. That attitude and your improved posture makes you walk taller, which allows your now-more-visible curves to show.

Working out and developing lean muscle mass emphasizes your femininity, not detracts from it.

You’ll develop confidence when you learn kickboxing. It’s a potent tool for self-defense that could save your life.

Even though kickboxing and other personal training is fabulous for your figure and has many practical benefits, it’s also fun. You’ll look forward to each session.

You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have after just a few weeks of training. You’ll be ready to do other active things, burning even more calories and slimming your body in the process.

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