Kickboxing For Health

%image_alt%While it’s a tough sport, kickboxing can be a huge benefit to your self-esteem, health and confidence. If you use kickboxing for health, you’ll get more than just the benefit of a rigorous workout, you’ll be burning stress hormones that can cause damage to your body if left unchecked. In fact, while not all people use kickboxing as a stress release, everyone who participates in kickboxing notices how great and relaxed they feel after a session, burning off all the anger and frustration of the day.

You’ll get a great cardiovascular workout with kickboxing.

You’ll get your heart pumping and start breathing hard after just a few minutes if you’re not already in shape. It’s a great aerobic exercise that doesn’t ever get boring, so you tend to participate in it longer, getting even more benefit. This is one type of overall body exercise that involves flexibility, strength, endurance combined with mental reflexes to assess your partner and anticipate your opponents next move.

You’ll burn fat fast with kickboxing.

Kickboxing burns hundreds of calories every hour, approximately 750. It helps burn fat faster, while building strength and endurance in the process. You’ll build lean muscle mass, which also burns more calories 24/7 than fat does. Weight loss from eating healthier and physical exercise can help control serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

You’ll learn the art of self-defense and build self-esteem in the process.

No one wants to be in a life and death situation, but when you have skills in self-defense, it can help prevent it. Robbers, thugs, rapists and muggers tend to choose people who look like victims, ones who’ll resist the least. If you’re walking tall and look confident and fit, you probably won’t be chosen. However, that doesn’t mean you should take chances and use back alleys as a short cut home. If you are grabbed from behind, you’ll have the moves to break the hold. Either you or the attacker will end up running. Most of the time, it’s the attacker.

You’ll workout longer because it won’t feel like a workout. You’ll also look forward to sessions and tend to stick with the program.

You’ll tone and firm your entire body. Kickboxing uses all the muscles in the body, whether punching or kicking, everything gets a good workout.

You’ll improve your circulation, which not only helps improve your health, makes you look fantastic and years younger.

You’ll build your flexibility. Improved range of motion can help prevent serious injuries whether you’re doing everyday tasks or exercising. You’ll move with more grace when you increase your flexibility.

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