Lose Weight With MMA

If you want to lose weight, consider doing what many people in Chino Hills, CA do. Choose MMA to help them burn extra calories and shed those extra pounds. It’s more than just a workout in the gym that includes a portion of the workout for strength building, part of it to build endurance and a section for flexibility. It does all those things at once, plus is a whole body workout. It can burn a huge amount of calories and then continues with after burn, where the body continues to burn calories to get back to its normal state. That means shedding pounds faster.

Kickboxing incorporates all the benefits of many martial arts.

That full body workout means you’ll be working more than just your arms and back, but also your shoulders, abs, legs and glutes. Unlike most cardio workouts, kickboxing builds muscle tissue, too. The more muscle tissue you have, the easier it is to lose weight because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. Because it does provide cardio intensity, it burns an average of 67 percent more calories than just resistance training alone.

Burn off the stress when you kickbox.

Seriously, imagine how great you’ll feel after a frustrating day, kicking and boxing away those stress hormones. It helps get rid of stress hormones like cortisol, which is associated with abdominal fat. Not only will you burn off all that stress and anger, you’ll also get a boost of endorphins. If you’re a stress eater, either turning to crunchy foods for an outlet or sugary comfort foods, you’ll eat far less.

You’ll improve your posture and confidence with kickboxing.

When you strengthen your muscles, boost your endurance and flexibility, you also see a noted improvement in your posture. That improvement gives you a confident appearance and when you look confident, you feel more confident. Try it yourself. Slump and see how you feel, then stand straight and proud. The difference is amazing. That good posture also helps you look slimmer and trimmer, too.

  • No matter what type of exercise program you use, sticking with it is what actually makes the difference. You won’t have a problem with kickboxing, since it’s loads of fun. You’ll look forward to each session.
  • You get an extra benefit when you kickbox, a great self-defense tool. While you should always be aware of your surroundings and avoid danger, knowing how to defend yourself does bring empowerment.
  • Core strength is a huge benefit of kickboxing. It whittles your waist and gives you a svelte curvy appearance. You’ll feel sexier and build a new self-image.
  • Come into One Love Fit Club, call or send us an online message if you have more questions. We’re always glad to explain our program. Better yet, sign up for our kickboxing class special that is low priced and also includes a pair of gloves.

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