Make Procrastination Work For You

Everyone procrastinates about doing something. It may be something as significant as making a call about a matter you can cover in a text to someone you know will keep you on the phone forever. It could be starting a program of lifestyle changes you’re putting off doing. While it may be tough to make procrastination work for you when you consider the phone call, lifestyle changes are quite another thing, especially when it comes to eating healthier or ending bad habits.

You can procrastinate away when it comes to eating unhealthy foods.

If your favorite stop is at a Quickie Burger for their super triple burger deluxe, it’s time to put your super power, procrastination, into action. Just do what you do best when it comes to working out in the gym or creating healthy menus, put it off and drive by the burger palace. You can tell yourself that you’ll get one tomorrow. No matter what the temptation, don’t take the time to stop but tell yourself you’ll eat it another time.

Cutting out bad habits, do the same routine.

I’ll do it later can be your chant as you conquer every bad habit. Want to quit smoking, put your cigarettes in a difficult place to reach and when you think about smoking, consider how tough they’ll be to get to and wait until later. Find ways to make smoking more difficult so your powers of procrastination have a chance to kick in and stop you, at least for that moment.

Change I’m only going to eat a little to I’m only going to workout for a minute.

Seriously, don’t consider working out for an hour, just consider a short exercise. It’s like that little sliver of cake you’re going to eat and then end up consuming several large pieces. It’s easier to think of exercising for just a few minutes than it is for 30 minutes to an hour. Go for a short walk around the block and if it feels good, procrastinate about stopping. Even if you only get in a few minutes of exercise, it’s a few minutes more than you would otherwise do.

  • Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, quit a bad habit or get your booty into gear at the gym, procrastination is just a small tool to help you along. You need a plan and the desire to do those things to succeed.
  • When you want to eat healthier, shop healthier. If the snacks and processed foods are available, you’ll eat them.
  • Have healthy snacks already prepared. Slice up veggies and have healthy dip ready. Have a bowl of fruit, such as cantaloupe, cubed and ready. If you don’t have to go through the hassle and make it easy, you’re bound to eat healthier.
  • Know yourself. Identify your pitfalls and the places you’re most likely to breach your reserve. Don’t ignore the fact that you’ll be tempted, but use it as a planning tool. If you fall off the wagon, it’s no big deal, it happens, just get back on track and start again.

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