Make Your Fall Count

Fall Count

You can make fall count by starting a fitness program now. You can shed pounds, get stronger and feel fantastic if you act now. By starting now, you’ll have a great body to celebrate the new year and start it out right. No matter what your goal, getting a head start now gives you a great chance to be all you can be in the coming year. Best of all, you’ll find that our program is fun and functional. You’ll build strength and flexibility that helps protect you from injury from doing everyday activities.

Kickboxing may be great fun, but it’s also a super calorie burner.

You won’t even think you’re exercising when you learn how to kickbox. You’ll be focusing on all the moves and how to get the best of your opponent. It can burn 750 calories an hour or more, but you won’t have the boredom of doing one calisthenic after another or walking the same treadmill to nowhere. It’s also more effective in burning abdominal fat than resistance training. Let’s face it, everyone wants a flatter stomach and now you can have it.

Get your body toned while you build your energy.

A great workout program does more than just tone your body, although that’s one of the reasons people start them. It also gives you the extra energy you need to face the challenges of everyday living. Your body is amazing, the more you work it, the stronger it becomes and the more energy you burn, the more you seem to have. You’ll be tired after a workout, but it’s a different type of tired. It’s one that helps you sleep better at night and get going faster in the morning. After a short time, you’ll notice you’re getting more done in less time and be taking fewer breaks. That gives you more time for other things that you enjoy doing or have been putting off for a while.

Feel more confident as the new year approaches.

Our program promotes confidence. That’s because part of it is kickboxing. It’s a great way to learn self-defense. You’ll improve your posture and your attitude and not look like a victim. People who attack others normally choose those who look less likely to fight back…because in reality, they’re cowards. When you walk tall, you won’t be in the sites of someone looking for an easy target. You’ll also garner more respect with your new confident presence.

When you’re ready for the new year with your new body, it’s one more thing you don’t have to use for a resolution. You’ll be ready to tackle other issues, like a new job or a raise.

Looking fantastic at your holiday celebration is always fun and you’ll look your best after just a few months. It will be fun to see the reaction of people who haven’t seen you for a while.

If you start now, your workout will become part of your normal routine by the time the busy holidays come. You’ll also have the extra energy to handle all the celebration.

We have private training that can help even those who have failed at maintaining a fitness program previously. Everyone can be fitter, they just need the right help and support.

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