Splitting Your Workout Days For Faster Results

There are people that firmly believe that full body workouts are the only way to go and those who believe you should be splitting your workout days for faster results. Which one is the right way to go? There are good reasons for each type of workout. What is a split workout? It’s where you divide or split your workout into various target areas, such as upper body days and lower body days, with abs on either or both and focus on that one area each workout. A full body workout is just like the name implies, you work all parts each day.

Split workouts can help you focus on specific muscles or muscle groups.

People who want to contour their body more, such as a bodybuilder, normally use a split workout. It lets you focus more intensity on that particular muscle or muscle group. It’s good for balancing muscles and fix imbalances. You can stimulate the muscle or group of muscles to fatigue, stimulating growth and repair. Building bigger muscles is also a benefit of splitting your workout. You can also rest your muscles for longer for recovery.

If your schedule is tight, full body workouts are the answer.

Are you restricted to three days of exercise a week by a tight schedule? Split training may not be the right approach for you. You can always switch later if you choose. You may not be searching for perfection, just a better build, weight loss and good health. A full body workout can do all three, with less time in the gym. You can spend those extra days doing fun things, like kickboxing…which is also a full body workout. Full body workouts burn a lot of calories, since it works more muscle groups and joints at once. It’s great for a beginner.

If big guns are your focus, you’ll get faster results with split workouts.

There are a number of different types of split workouts. I’ve mentioned the upper/lower body type, but there are also push/pull workouts where you train opposing muscle groups. You work muscles that have opposing actions, such as hamstrings and quads. If big guns are your goal, focusing on biceps and triceps is a good example of an antagonistic workout that you can do.

  • Your goal determines the best type of workout, and if it’s to build a specific area of the body, then split workouts are best. For overall fitness and weight loss, full body workouts are best.
  • One problem with using a split routine is flexibility. If you skip a day at the gym, it can throw off your schedule. It can slow your progress tremendously.
  • People who use split workouts often spend six days a week at the gym, so they can focus on different major muscle groups each day. It does build larger stronger muscles in a shorter amount of time and is good for both weight lifters and bodybuilders.
  • For most people, the type of workout you choose isn’t nearly as important as getting exercise. Doing something you enjoy should also play a big role in your regimen. It’s one reason why people include kickboxing in their workout program. It’s fun, so they’re more likely to stick with it.

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