Spring Into Action Summer Is Coming

Are you ready for the skimpy summer clothes? Do you have the energy to do all the fun things that come with warm weather. Summer is coming, but you still have time to get ready for it and make this the best summer of your life. Whether you want to get into shape and have a beach body everyone will envy or just boost your energy level so you can keep up with the kids and still have some oomph left over for adult time later that night, it’s not to late to start working on it. You’ll notice the difference in 30 days, start seeing the transformation in 60 days and love what you see by the time summer arrives.

It takes hard work, but you can handle it.

I assess all my client’s fitness levels first. I also learn about any special needs and what the goals are. That way I can create a personalized workout program for you. The workout will be tough, but you’ll never be bored. It changes continuously. I know you’ll love the variety, especially the addition of kickboxing. You’ll not only get fitter, you’ll feel more in charge when you know you can handle yourself in any situation.

If you need to shed weight, exercise does more than just make you fitter.

You’ll build muscle, but the sinewy sexy kind, not big bulging ones. If you’ve every watched the old TV series “Charmed,” you know that Phoebe, one of the sisters, used kickboxing to fight evil and she had a body that turned heads. The exercising you do to build them burns calories, but it also continues to rev up your metabolism even after you leave the gym. Not only do you benefit from the afterburn, you’ll benefit from the muscle tissue you build. The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism becomes. That’s because muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does. It won’t take long before you notice that it’s easier to lose weight.

Eating healthier is important for weight loss too.

You notice I didn’t say dieting. Dieting simply doesn’t work. Learning how to eat healthier does. One thing you’ll find as you get fitter is that your body will crave healthy foods. That’s great! Switching out from sugary treats to healthy snacks, like a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts, gives you the boost of energy, plus loads of nutrients to help build muscle tissue and keep you going longer. The combination of exercise and a healthier diet will have you ready for all the fun summer has for you.

  • Start to get ready for summer now. The sooner you begin, the quicker you’ll be able to make plans for a summer of active fun.
  • Even if you’ve failed at getting fit before, we can help you. We help people of all fitness levels, even those who have never exercised in their life!
  • Once you see how much fun getting fit can be, you’ll start to look forward to each session. That’s when you start to really feel the changes you’ve made and love every part of it.
  • You’ll feel and look more confident as you become fitter. Part of the reason is that your posture will improve and you’ll walk with more confidence. Of course, looking great also helps.

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