Surround Yourself With Encouragement

When you start any new endeavor, having encouragement and a supportive environment is a huge help. It’s very true when you want to lose weight or get back into shape. Having emotional support is extremely important. In fact, next to having the proper guidance and training, it’s a factor that can make a difference between success and failure. Doing it on your own doesn’t supply that, which is why many people workout at a gym. Most gyms, however, don’t offer that type of encouragement and you’re lost in a sea of machines and strangers.

You don’t always get the support at home.

Friends and family aren’t always the people you want to share your goals with when you’re starting a program of fitness. Some times they throw up past failures in your face or worse yet, become dictators watching your every move in an “effort to help.” Some even sabotage you by finding ways to prevent you from working out or trying to lure you with junk foods. Those people are threatened by your success and fear your relationship will change in the process.

DNJ Fitness is a supportive facility.

When you workout here, you’ll have more than just support from the staff, you’ll have the support of the entire DNJ Fitness community. Everyone here has similar goals and have gone through many of the same experiences. They know how hard it is to lose weight and will boost you up with positive thoughts and words. It can make the difference between success and failure.

Once you see the results, you’ll still need support because there are more challenging goals ahead.

Fitness goals are always changing. They become more challenging the fitter you become. While some of the motivation comes from the results you see, having the encouragement of others can drive you to even higher challenges and success. You’ll find that you want to help others, too. People often take others under their wing because of all the positive support they received in the past. That’s one of the reasons so many of our clients love coming here.

Even though kickboxing seems like a combative sport, everyone helps each other. It’s a great way to shed pounds and gain the confidence knowing self-defense can provide.

Many people look forward to coming to DNJ Fitness, not just for the support, but also because of the fun they have working out here.

Clients often don’t tell family and friends about their goals to save themselves the pressure of worrying about failure. You need to share with someone, so you can celebrate when things go right and get encouragement when they don’t.

Getting started is half the battle. We have an amazing offer for kickboxing classes that also provides free gloves. Try a special to get started and to help give you the motivation to continue.

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