The Benefits Of Strength Training

When you picture strength training and talk about the benefits of strength training, some people picture lifting weights and big bulky muscles. That’s not necessarily true. In fact, kickboxing is great as a strength building exercise. It helps you build strength fast. You do a lot of striking with your feet and hands and punching, which builds strong muscles. There are a lot of different types of strength building exercise. Whether they involve isometric resistance, like push-ups or isotonic strength training, like weight lifting, you’ll be healthier because you do them.

Strength training not only builds muscles, it protects bones.

The body is amazing. It has ways to protect itself. When the muscles tug on bones, it stresses the bones ensures they’ll be strong and dense. It reduces the potential for osteoporosis and can even reverse it. New studies show that diet and weight bearing exercises can actually reverse bone loss and be as beneficial as any drug on the market today, without the bad side effects. The only side effects from a healthy diet and regular exercise is looking and feeling great.

You lose weight easier and keep it off with strength training.

Eating healthy is the first step to losing weight and keeping it off, but strength training comes in next. It not only burns calories, it builds muscle tissue at the same time. Unlike aerobic exercises, like running and bicycling, whose calories come from burning both fat and muscle, strength training burns primarily fat tissue for energy. That’s important because the more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism is, since muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance. It helps increase your resting metabolism.

Strength training gives your energy level a boost.

If you’re tired, do a few minutes of exercise and you’ll be amazed how it helps. It’s not just the time you’re working out either. It gives benefits when you’re not working out. Strength training helps build muscle tissue so you find tasks easier. That means you’ll be less tired at the end of the day and have more energy to do fun things when your work is done. One study showed that when inactive people that were chronically fatigued exercised, they increased their energy by 20% and diminished their fatigue by as much as 65%.

  • Strength training also helps improve your mood. It elevates the level of endorphins, your happy hormones. New studies show it also has a beneficial effect on the brain that also may improve your mood.
  • Regular strength training can improve your sleep pattern and provide you with a better night’s sleep.
  • Strength training can help lower blood pressure. It can lower it by as much as three points and is one more tool in the box to good health. It’s best when combined with aerobic exercise, like in kickboxing.
  • Strength training not only burns calories when you workout, it also continues to burn calories after you stop. During the recovery state, after the workout, a process called “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” or EPOC is responsible for it.

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