Want To Increase Your Sex Drive?

People are living longer and healthier, which means they’re also enjoying all the pleasures of life longer, one of which is the closeness that can occur in the bedroom. Too often people just don’t feel sexy or have the desire. That can start to break down the bond between partners. There is a way to increase your sex drive and that’s by boosting your health with exercise. Exercise has been proven to improve the sex drive of both men and women, which is why it’s so important for both people in the relationship to get into shape.

You have to feel good to feel sexy.

Sex and sexual stimulation is a physical response, but your brain plays an important role. Working out not only makes you feel good, physically, it also boosts endorphins and other hormones that make you feel relaxed and good mentally. You’ll burn off the hormones of stress when you workout, too. Stress can slow any progress in the bedroom and keep your focus off the pleasures of sex. It simply ruins a romantic mood. Work out, feel great and enjoy.

It’s about your actual hormones and sex drive too.

When you workout, you give your libido a boost. When it builds muscle tissue, it also stimulates the creation of HGH—Human Growth Hormone. The more HGH that men have, the more potential they have or higher testosterone levels, since HGH is responsible for creating it. More testosterone means an increased sex drive and a super boost to the libido. Women benefit from exercise in a different way. Exercise improves their sensitivity to touch.

You’ll be able to become a marathon bedroom partner, rather than a sprinter when you workout.

Sex is tough exercise, but you don’t notice it because it also provides pleasure. The fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy sex and so will your partner. Some sexual positions require more flexibility and you’ll be ready to perform without worrying about pulling a muscle. Endurance will increase, so you’ll not have to stop for a breath. Even an increase in strength can make you more of a star during sex. Exercise helps improve your circulation and that can even help prevent serious conditions like vascular disease and diabetes that can cause erectile dysfunction. Studies show boosting your circulation can help prevent erectile dysfunction.

  • When couples workout together, it adds a dimension of emotional closeness to all the physical benefits exercise provides. Both receive a physical boost to their sexual drive, too.
  • You’ll feel better about how you look when you workout regularly and that can make you feel sexier. When you feel sexier, you’ll respond the same way.
  • Exercise can be a boost to your sex life, but your sex life can also be a boost to your health by providing exercise. It can provide all types of workouts, strength-building, flexibility and endurance and is something you’ll enjoy more than a jog.
  • Eating healthy and choosing healthy foods together, working out together and enjoying life together are all ways to increase the bond between partners. That bond is the biggest sexual stimulation.

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