Ways to Alleviate Back Pain

Do you sit at a desk and work at your computer all day? Do you have achy and fatigued back pain by the end of the day?

This is common for many working professionals out there. Sitting at a desk hunched over with your legs bent, puts strain on the lower back and causes hamstrings to get tight, which also adds to lower back tension.

To alleviate some of this pain, you can try and set about 5-10 min, 3-4 times a day and hold your posture at an upright position (sit up straight). This will relieve some back tension and also remind you to fix your posture throughout the day.

Having a healthy, strong back and good posture can prevent many health issues that can occur in the future such as:

1. headaches/migraines
2. sinus/congestion issues
3. arm numbness/weakness
4. range of motion
5. hamstring issues/tightness
6. minimize medications
7. improve sleep
8. improve immune system
9. increase energy
10. increase overall physiological functions of the body

Another way to fix back pain for good is having a good, consistent workout regimen with balanced muscle groups doing resistance/strengthening exercises.

Doing proper resistance and strengthening exercises for all the MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS will:

1. balance front, back, upper, and lower body muscle strengths
2. correct poor posture
3. minimize back pain
4. strengthen good posture

Try these out, let me know if you have any questions or If you are interested in receiving more detailed information and would like to evaluateYOUR current level of HEALTH and FITNESS. Please fill out the form below to set up your firstFREE Personal Training Consultation:

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