Ways To Exercise Even On Vacation

Whether you spend your vacation traveling the country or take leisure time in Chino Hills, CA, there are ways to exercise even on vacation that can allow you to stay fit without worrying about a schedule. Some clients love the idea of taking a vacation at home. It involves not only taking time off from work, but also other scheduled activities, such as clubs, volunteer work and even the gym. That doesn’t mean they don’t workout. They do it, but in a different form.

Leaving the area makes your regular gym workout almost impossible.

While those staycationers can go to the gym, but simply choose not to do it, those leaving the area need to make other arrangements. Some people plan ahead and check the accommodations to ensure there’s a gym in their hotel that they can use. There are other ways to stay fit and not miss any of the fun. Working with a personal trainer before leaving on vacation is one way. The trainer can create body weight workouts you can do anywhere, since they’re equipment free.

Have fun activities that provide a great workout.

You don’t have to do a traditional workout to get plenty of exercise. Hiking with the family, swimming, bike riding and just walking on the beach can provide a great aerobic workout, without interrupting the fun. While walking on the beach may not sound like a huge workout. The drag of the sand, or in case it’s too hot and you walk in the water, can create a drag that adds to the energy burnt can create a tough workout everyone will enjoy.

Pack up some resistance bands and have strength, cardio and flexibility workouts ready.

You don’t want to overpack, so much of your workout equipment is out of the question. However, resistance bands take up very little room and can provide workouts that boost all types of fitness. With a little extra planning you can do all three types of workouts using only them. Add some body weight exercises to create variety, particularly if your vacation is longer than a week.

  • Sightseeing can be a good workout, particularly if the ground is uneven or sloping. Walking the sloping streets of San Francisco, for instance, could be a great workout regardless of your level of fitness.
  • Create a game plan before vacationing. While getting away from a schedule may be your goal, having a list of activities you want to do that don’t have to be scheduled can be a refreshing adventure.
  • Make fitness more fun. Get a pedometer and challenge yourself to do more walking each day. Spend time exploring your vacation area, while boosting your exercise for the day.
  • If you’re going out of town, check out places where you can participate in a group workout that allow you to pay per session. Make them something unique that you’ve never done previously.

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