What Are Your New Year Goals

%image_alt%Your New Year goals are important. They represent something you want to achieve and at the time you make them, believe you can do them. Many people make fitness goals on New Year’s eve and start the new year with resolve. If you seem to have the same goals year after year, but drop them after just a few weeks, it’s time to change that pattern. Achieving your goals is important for a number of reasons, besides just fitness. It builds confidence and helps you realize that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

Break down your goal to more easily accomplished mini goals.

If you have a huge goal, it can look overwhelming. A huge goal is losing more than 10 percent of your body weight or getting into Olympic shape if you’re a couch potato. Instead, break that goal down to something more easily accomplished. That doesn’t mean you’re giving up on the big picture, just taking it step by step, so you can celebrate success and not be overwhelmed by the work that needs to be accomplished to reach the big goal. You’ll be able to chart your success better using this technique and be more likely to stick with your workout program.

Make your workout more fun.

Just because you have a fitness goal, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it along the way. Don’t stick with the same old type of workout, but vary your program frequently. Find a fun activity that you enjoy to supplement your workout program. That’s one reason we offer kickboxing in our studio. Not only is it a total body workout, it also holds your attention and makes working out more fun. Varying your workout has other benefits, one of which is to prevent the body from becoming to efficient and burn fewer calories. That can cause plateauing.

Get help with your nutrition.

Eating healthy is as important to fitness goals as working out. If you’re not giving your body the right nutrition, it won’t function as well as it should. Eating healthy also make you feel better and can help you shed pounds faster. Healthy eating isn’t the same as dieting. It’s all about making smarter choices when it comes to food, not about deprivation. You’ll achieve your goals faster and easier.

Stay focused. Keeping focused helps you whether you’re at the dinner table or getting ready to workout at the gym. You’ll be more likely to achieve those goals.

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is important to achieving fitness goals. It helps boost your resolve and provides the energy to do your best.

Get outside motivation. Personal trainers are there to help you in any way possible. They can help you stay motivated even when you’re ready to quit.

Enjoy the new you. Give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made. It’s okay to feel good about yourself, so don’t pass on the opportunity.

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