What Gets You Up In The Morning?

What gets you up and makes you look forward to a new day? If you’re dragging through the day, with one day like the next and nothing that gets you excited, it’s time to make a change. If you’re already a member and reading this blog, you probably know how much more enjoyable kickboxing is, over traditional types of workouts. It’s my love and I hope I bring the same excitement to others. I do see people looking forward to their time in the gym, which you don’t normally see at other types of workouts.

Do something that sparks excitement in your life.

Of course, I’m going to use kickboxing and exercising as an example, it’s my life’s work. When you workout, you burn off the hormones created by stress that can leave you feeling numb and depressed. As you work harder, your body tells your brain to create other hormones, ones that make you feel good. Eliminating stress hormones and boosting the “happy” hormones can lift your spirits. It can make all the difference in your outlook in life, giving you that spark of excitement that makes you look forward to each new day.

Get energized with exercise.

Sometimes, you’re simply too tired to care. That’s another way exercising and eating healthy helps. It won’t take long before you notice that tasks that took you an hour previously, now take far less time. You won’t feel as exhausted at the end of the day and have the energy to look forward to other activities. Even if exercising and kickboxing aren’t your thing, they can help provide you with the extra boost so you can find that special something.

Feel good about yourself as you tone up and shed pounds.

Feeling self-conscious can stop you from trying many new things, one of which may be that special something that makes you look forward to each day. Kickboxing is extremely good for building lean muscle mass and helping you to lose weight quickly. That can improve your self-image. It also gives you a sense of purpose as you learn each new move and a sense of accomplishment when you complete those perfectly, whether in the ring or not.

– There’s a great deal of comradery in kickboxing classes. Sometimes, that’s all you need to make the day a little brighter.

– You’ll build self-confidence and walk taller. Walking taller not only comes from the improved self-confidence, it also come from improved posture. Either way, you’ll build personal respect and learn how to defend yourself.

– I’ll help you learn how to eat healthier. It won’t be dieting. Healthier eating is a way of life, so the pounds you shed won’t return.

– If you fall in love with kickboxing, like I did, you’ll find there’s always something more to learn and always ways to improve. It can be the “get-you-up-and-out-of-bed” solution you’ve hoped to find.

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