What’s Your Holiday Fitness Plan

If you’re dreading the holidays because you know you’ll be exhausted, exercise less and eat like there’s no tomorrow, you can avoid all that with a holiday fitness plan. Your holiday fitness plan should include not only times to exercise scheduled in, but also options for exercise. You should plan ahead for those parties where every bite you take is a full day’s worth of calories! When you have a plan of action, you’ll be more likely to slide through the holidays without gaining a pound and maybe even losing one or two.

Put your workout on your calendar.

Make your workout an appointment, but have a backup plan. If you have it as an appointment, you’ll postpone a shopping trip and go to the gym more readily than you would if you don’t. There are some things that take priority. If you receive a note from school about your child’s play at the last minute and it’s during exercise time, the play takes top priority because family always comes first. That’s where your backup plan comes into play. Have a workout for home you can do in the morning before your day starts. Resistance bands are great for home workouts and they’re inexpensive and store easily.

Get the kids involved with your workout.

Everything is hectic and sometimes those we love most get left out because we’re trying to do more for them. When you’ve spent the day preparing for the holidays, plus work and family, you need to take a breather. It’s time to play an active game with the kids, go outside for a walk to see Christmas lights or even workout together. They’ll enjoy it and you’ll get a workout too.

Plan ahead for the big dinners.

Eat a little less the day before and after the holiday, but don’t starve yourself. You can eat later breakfast right before you leave for dinner, so you don’t gobble down everything in sight. If you’re making the meal, have healthy snacks to nibble on while you’re cooking. If you have a choice of plates and the dinner is buffet style, use the smaller plate. Expect to overeat and don’t deny yourself a piece of dessert, just remember portion control and go back to healthy eating the next day.

  • Fill up on greens, salads or veggies at the dinner table. Get a double helping of vegetables and say no to the dinner rolls.
  • Drink a glass of water before the meal to fill you up.
  • Plan a walk with the family after dinner. Most people will appreciate moving around and you won’t be tempted to nibble longer.
  • Stack the freezer with meals ahead of time so you won’t be tempted to stop at “Quickie Burger” for the family dinner. Reheating is also far faster than waiting in the drive through line.

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