Which Workouts Go Together?

Are you confused about which workouts go together? If you join us at One Love Fit Club in kickboxing classes, you wouldn’t have to be. Kickboxing gives a total body workout that’s different every session. For those who prefer more traditional training or want to supplement their kickboxing, identifying the types of workouts that go together is important. You’ll get maximum benefit when you plan the workout right.

You can pair your cardio with your strength training by using HIIT workouts.

What is HIIT? It stands for high intensity interval training. It’s a way you do exercises that varies the intensity from high, driving your heart rate up, for a short time, from ten seconds to a few minutes, then gear down to a recovery intensity that allows your heart rate to slow a bit. You can combine this type of exercise with weight lifting or strength building exercises, to get both cardio and strength exercises at the same time.

Exercise the right muscle groups together to build strength.

Pairing complementary muscle groups will help you build more muscles by activating more muscle fibers. Eventually that will lead to more muscles and more strength. You shouldn’t exercise two major muscle groups in the same workout. As an example, if you work out your legs, chest or the back at the same time, you’ll drain your energy. You may get a good workout on the first muscle group, but be too exhausted to work the other group. Remember, you aren’t just working the major muscle group, you’re also working other muscles, too. If you do a chest press, you’ll work the chest, but also the triceps and shoulders.

Divide strength training into three days.

If you want to maximize your strength training, divide up your strength building workout into three days. Consider doing one day of back exercises that also focus on your biceps and abs. Skip a day, then do the chest, combined with shoulders and triceps. Skip another day and then work on legs doing hamstring, quads and calves. You’ll get the maximum strength-building benefit from your workout by doing it that way.

  • Do compound moves when you workout. Compound moves work several muscle groups at once. Squat, bench press and deadlifts are all compound exercises. Compound exercises that also compound two moves into one, such as a lunge with a bicep curl.
  • No matter how you do your workout, aim to do strength training on all muscle groups at least once a week. If you’re doing exercises that work your full body, you’ll know all the groups have been worked.
  • No matter what your strength building workout, don’t forget to warm up first. Warm up exercises can include anything from jumping jacks or jumping rope to arm swings. Cool down at the end of each exercise session. It can be as simple as walking around for five minutes.
  • Rather than trying to put together the perfect exercise program for you, why not use the expertise of our personal trainers at One Love Fitness Club, who create individual programs based on your goals and needs.

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