Why There’s A New Surge Of Interest In Kickboxing

If you’re looking at kickboxing as a spectator sport, it lags behind many others when it comes to drawing audiences, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t gaining popularity. It’s growing huge numbers of fans who participate in it, as both a good outlet and a form of exercise. There’s good reason that more and more people are turning to kickboxing as an alternative to walking on the treadmill. It’s simply more engaging. You never watch the clock when you kickbox, because your mind is too busy watching your opponent and planning the next move.

Kickboxing is a great cardio workout.

It’s so good, there are classes popping up called cardio kickboxing. Kickboxing requires a lot of energy, even if you’re throwing punches in the air. It burns about 350 to 450 calories in an hour and gets the heart pumping into the intense zone, for cardio conditioning. It helps burn belly fat, lowers your risk of coronary disease and diabetes. Most of all, it boosts your endurance, while keeping you focused.

Kickboxing builds strength.

Kickboxing is a high impact sport that works on all parts of the body at once. It not only helps you build strength, it helps you develop power behind that strength. You’ll punch, kick, twist and use all body parts, which not only develops the arms and legs, builds core strength. It strengthens your hips, legs, upper arms and back, too.

Boost your balance and flexibility with kickboxing.

This sport is based on jumps, punches, kicks and explosive movements. It improves the range of motion, which also improves your flexibility. If you’re kicking, you’re standing on one foot, which trains you in the area of balance, too. Before working out, kickboxers also do stretches and training like hopping on one leg and letting the other leg swing freely. It improves muscle coordination, making them work together in synergy.

  • It improves reaction time and that can help prevent injury. That makes it a good for seniors. It helps to build neuromuscular control, which improves mobility, balance and dual-tasking activities.
  • Kickboxing boosts your confidence. Not only does it make you feel stronger, your posture improves. That makes you look more confident, which actually aids in becoming more confident.
  • Kickboxing gives you a feeling of power and control. If you feel like you can handle yourself in a tough situation, you feel more in power. While you won’t want to walk down dark allies to test it, it’s a good tool to have for self-protection.
  • The kickboxing community is warm and welcoming. People of all levels of ability help one another to improve. That sense of community is often what helps beginners stick with it as a form of exercise.

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