Why You Should Keep Workouts Under An Hour

There are so many reasons to exercise, but you can have too much of a good thing. It’s been shown that exercising a half-hour to 45 minutes is enough to get you into shape. Some studies show that breaking a half hour into three ten-minute sessions is still as beneficial as working out for thirty minutes straight. There’s also more information that indicates you should keep workouts under an hour.

Overtraining can be a problem.

If you’ve never heard of catabolism, don’t feel bad. Many people haven’t. It’s the enemy of anyone trying to build muscle tissue and burn fat. It’s the process that’s started by the hormone cortisol and involves breaking down tissue. While this process is perfectly normal, it’s stimulated by stress and has a negative impact on the body. It breaks down tissue and prevents growth, changes protein to glucose and lowers the body’s ability to synthesize protein. It comes from lack of rest and excess strength training, not allowing the muscles to heal and repair properly. Spending hours at the gym boosts the production of cortisol.

If you’re working out hard or working with weights, after an hour you’ll increase your risk of injury.

People who lift heavy weights are particularly prone to accidents and injury after an hour, but exhaustion and overuse can affect technique and style of those who aren’t lifting, too. Exhaustion can cause poor form that leads to pulled muscles, dislocations, tendinitis and other types of injury. Keeping your workout to 45 minutes can help avoid the problem.

You can develop mental burnout when you train longer.

Just like the body, cortisol can have negative effects on the mind. It can lead to bouts of depression, anxiety or irritability for those who workout too long. The cortisol released affects the other hormones in the body and that’s what creates the biggest problem. Even worse, unlike physical exhaustion and injury, the effect on mental health is often unnoticed.

  • Studies show that you’ll have an excess of cortisol levels after just an hour of exercise. That means keeping your workout to under an hour is important.
  • Overtraining, working out longer than 45 minutes, can weaken your immune system. It can decrease the levels of antibodies in the body.
  • If you’re training to lose weight, don’t think more is better. Training so much that you don’t build muscle tissue is counterproductive and makes weight loss harder. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn 24/7.
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