Will Drinking More Water Make Me Lose Weight Faster?

There are a lot of simple changes you can make to help you lose weight faster. For instance, having a healthy snack ready so you don’t eat junk food is one. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further from the store and walking are two more. Is another aid to losing more weight drinking more water? The evidence points to it being especially good for not only your health, but also your weight loss program.

Your body needs water to function properly.

Your body is mostly water. In fact, depending on your age and other factors, it’s between 55 yo 65% water. Your kidneys are approximately 79% water and heart and brain 73%. Why are those factors important? Even slight dehydration can cause you to slow down, burn fewer calories and make you less efficient when you workout. If you find you’re tired during the day or exhausted during your workout, drink a glass of water and you’ll probably feel more energized immediately.

There’s only so much space in your stomach.

Filling your stomach with sugar and empty calories causes your body to store those calories. If you drink water before you eat, it makes you feel fuller quicker when you do eat. One study found that people who drank water before they ate a meal consumed 75 fewer calories than those that didn’t. It might not sound like much, but when you consider that it could come into play at breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s 225 calories that you skipped without any effort. In just 16 days you could lose one pound.

Water boosts your metabolism.

Drinking ice-cold water can cause your body to burn more calories, since it takes extra calories to warm the water in your body. One study shows that drinking more water, warm or cold, can boost your metabolism by as much as 30%. Drinking 8.5 glasses of water a day can boost your metabolism enough to burn an additional 96 calories. Just like drinking water before a meal does, the amount sounds small, but it all adds up to easier weight loss.

  • Focus on making water your go-to drink. Soft drinks contain approximately 100 calories, calories that provide no benefit for the body. Diet drinks aren’t the answer either, since a recent study showed that diet drinks may add inches to your middle—belly fat.
  • Your body is constantly signally your brain, but sometimes those signals are misinterpreted. If you feel like you’re hungry, maybe you just need water. Drink a glass first before you eat anything.
  • Some manufacturers actually add salt to their soft drinks, which makes it taste better by taking the bitterness out of the carbonated water. It doesn’t taste salty, since the sugar and flavoring covers. Salt makes you thirstier, so you drink even more, adding even more calories.
  • As you age, it’s harder for the body to stay hydrated. By the time you’re a senior, mild dehydration can be common. It can cause serious conditions, such as mimicking dementia or increasing the frequency of UTIs.

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