Work Hard And Reward Yourself

I always beam with pride when I see my clients in Chino Hills, CA make such great progress. I like to feel I’m part of it, but the biggest praise goes to them. They work hard. We believe that if you work hard, you also need to reward yourself with something tangible. It doesn’t have to be new clothing and really shouldn’t be a cheesecake. It can be anything you wouldn’t normally do for yourself, like giving yourself permission to take a day off for whatever is your favorite pastime, whether it’s something active like hiking or going to the movies.

A new clothing size requires new clothing.

Seriously, toning and losing weight can make your clothing far to big or are baggy, giving you a frumpy look. When you’ve lost weight, but haven’t quite reached your goals, you still want to show off your hard work. Don’t be tempted to wear those ill-fitting clothes. Instead, treat yourself to something special that looks great on you and fill in with clothing that costs less. They can come from online auctions, discount malls, or thrift shops and be temporary. You can also buy clothing that can be easily altered when you reach your final goal. Looking good and showing off your new body will make you feel better.

Create a bucket list and as you lose weight, cross off the items with each goal reached.

While a bucket list is often talked about as people get older, it can be done no matter what age you are. Even better, the fitter you get, the more potential you have to add more things to the bucket list, because you’re living longer. Consider things like riding a bike from one town to another or hiking a mountain trail. There are so many beautiful trails to take near Chino Hills. If you’ve always wanted to do something a little more physical, but didn’t think you had it in you, it could make a great addition to the list. Your trainer will even help you prepare for it.

Give yourself a reward of a get-away.

Schedule a time to get-away or take a vacation. Some people just want a little time to themselves, so their vacation could be a stay-cation, where they spend the whole day doing nothing, or even cleaning out a closet or drawer that they’ve always wanted to get accomplished. Cleaning may not sound like a treat, but it can be very rewarding if it’s something that bothers you. It just means, the reward isn’t something another can judge, only you can decide what you want.

  • Get a massage, pedicure or facial. Pampering yourself a bit sends a message to you that you’ve done something important and deserve something special.
  • Learn something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at woodworking or sewing. Make your reward the supplies you need for that endeavor and the time.
  • Get yourself a new gadget. Whether you love tools, beauty aids or kitchen appliances, they make a great reward. A spiralizer or air fryer could be good choices for people that love cooking.
  • Redo your do. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, getting a new hairstyle makes a difference. For men, even changing from clean shaven to a little facial hair can give a new look and feel for the new person they are.

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